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Where to follow and contact MISA 


MISA wants to encourage our members to follow the Union’s social media pages to stay abreast of the latest developments, but to be mindful to follow the established channels to communicate with the Union, instead of sharing personal information on these platforms. 


The Union has an obligation to safeguard the personal information of all our members in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). However, as many of our members have experienced, Facebook and other social media pages can be hacked and is not secure despite all our efforts. 


MISA’s Social Media: 


Twitter: mistaffass 


LinkedIn: misasa01 Instagram: misasa01 

TikTok: misa_motorindustrystaff 


To protect your personal information and to ensure that MISA can respond to you faster, please utilise the following Union’s email addresses: 

Legal/Labour related enquiries:

Claim related enquiries: (SAF, Death and Funeral, Maternity) 

Healthy Member or Healthy Woman Claims:

Educational assistance:

To join #MISA:

Advertisements on any of MISA’s platforms, media related enquiries or complaints:




MISA wants to connect with you! Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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