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All active MISA Members will automatically qualify for the death benefit after 26 weeks of consecutive contributions.


In the event of suicide, 104 weeks’ contributions must have been received.


Payments are made directly to the nominated beneficiary upon the death of a member, and the benefits do not become assets in the deceased person’s estate. All active MISA members and dependants, as stipulated in the Fund Rules, qualify for this funeral benefit, subject to 4 weeks’ contributions. *Children over the age of 18 who are registered as full-time students or who are physically and/or mentally disabled | R10 000.


If you make use of AVBOB (a preferred provider), funeral claims will be guaranteed subject to specified conditions.


NOTE: Funeral benefits of R10 000 will be limited to the payment of three claims (which includes the payment of the Funeral Benefit for the member) per annum and in the event of Funeral Benefits of R7 000, a limitation of two claims per annum applies.

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