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MISA knows how important it is to give our loved ones a dignified funeral to show our last respects, but realises the struggle in the current economic climate to pay the premiums insurance companies quote for extended family cover.


This benefit for Gold and Silver members is in addition to MISA’s existing Death and Funeral Benefits available to you as the main member, your spouse/life partner and your children up to 18 years of age. Martlé Keyter, Chief Executive Officer: Operations, says it is important for MISA Gold and Silver members to realise this is a Union Benefit and not a funeral policy (subject to specified criteria).


The contribution per extended family member is determined by their age, ranging between R50 and R215 per month, with claims subject to 26 weeks consecutive contributions (and 104 consecutive weeks contributions in the event of a suicide).


Extended family includes:

• Parents/Parents in-law

• Extended Family: brothers|sisters|aunts|uncles|nieces|nephews|grandparents

• Immediate Family – Principal Member|Spouse|Children


MISA will grant two thousand (2 000) members on the Silver Option the opportunity to register three family members to the Extended Family Cover Benefit to the value of R10 000 per claim.


All Gold Option members may register up to six family members, with the option to choose between either the R10 000 or R15 000 cover option.


Members who migrate between the various membership options may forfeit and/or receive decreased benefit amounts.

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