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MISA has seen an increase in employees in the retail motor industry asking for help from the Union’s esteemed Legal Department, only to find that they are not members of the Trade Union.


Joining a Trade Union is not just about wage negotiations, salary increases and collective bargaining.


It is also not just about enjoying the vast variety of unique financial benefits that MISA offers to its members (included in monthly contributions).


The most important benefit is having peace of mind when unforeseen incident happens at work, for instance, when you are subjected to a retrenchment process, you are involved in any type of labour dispute at work; harassed by an employer or a colleague; or need representation or advice because you are subjected to a disciplinary hearing out of the blue, you know that MISA’s Legal Department has your back.


If you talk to anyone who has ever been in that unfortunate situation, they will tell you how anxious they felt until they phoned MISA’s Legal Department and immediately got professional help on what to do going forward.


MISA is proud to say that the Union’s Legal Department is simply the best in the retail motor industry.


We have a team of qualified and experienced professionals, with a vast experience in the Motor Industry and labour dispute resolution.



With MISA’s Legal Department, help is just a phone call away.


Kindly utilise the following e-mail addresses and links for assistance: 

Legal/Labour-related enquiries  

Legal Reception                                  011 4763920 

Legal WhatsApp                                 0718809682    


Join the best Union in the retail motor industry to ensure that you can sleep sound at night.

Online Request Form

The MISA Legal Department gives you a voice when muted by unfair labour issues.

MISA pride ourselves in being the “intelligent alternative” not only in providing you, a MISA member, with supportive financial benefits, but more pertinently in giving you the support and voice when you need it most. We strive, not only to assist, but to include you in our processes and initiatives. 

Nothing about you, without you.

Our standards and services are in line with our mission, namely the protection and advancement of our members’ interest and service of the highest order.

Our services include inter alia:

  • Telephonic labour advice;

  • Drafting of grievances;

  • Consultation on your behalf during restructuring and/or retrenchment processes;

  • Application to represent you during internal processes such as disciplinary hearings;

  • Assistance during disciplinary hearings/appeal hearings and dismissals;

  • Representation at conciliations and arbitrations;

  • Representation during review and/or appeal processes at Labour Court;

  • Representation during contractual dispute;

  • Drafting of a Last Will or Living Will;

  • Drafting and/or providing contracts of employment between you and your domestic worker.


Don’t delay, phone today.


Please complete the online form or download the pdf and mail it to 


Online Legal Assistance Request Form 
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