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Learn while you lunch thanks to MISA


The Young Worker’s Forum wants 2023 to be the year of encouraging as many MISA members possible to up their skills during lunch breaks, with ten #MISA lunch-and-learn training sessions.


“These training sessions are absolutely phenomenal. It consists of basic life skills that everyone needs to enhance emotional intelligence and self-confidence, without effort.


“Young workers must utilise technology to progress in their jobs, but not become technology by being so absorbed by it that opportunities pass you by,” says Vincent Krouse, Chairperson of the Forum.


He encourages representatives of the Forum to motivate their colleagues and to challenge each other to do the lunch-and-learn sessions.


The ten topics of the sessions are:


1. Goal Setting and establishing a Growth Mind-set

2. In the Customer First Era, it is all about Client centricity

3. Managing Conflict

4. Effective Listening

5. Power of Collaboration

6. Enhancing engagement with EQ

7. Getting Things Done: Time Management and Prioritisation

8. Dealing in a Digital World (Tel, email & social media etiquette)

9. Effective Problem solving using the Five Why’s Technique

10. Rolling with the Punches: Adapting to constant change


“Each session is only a half-hour and you can do it virtually. The best part is that MISA gives you certificate once you have completed the sessions,” says Krouse.


For more information on #MISA lunch-and-learn training, e-mail or call the Training Department directly on 011 476 3920.

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