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With MISA, you have a dynamic Trade Union on your side. Whether it’s a career glitch, a new baby, illness or an unfair labour practice, with MISA you are covered.


These benefits are included in your monthly contribution.

Subject to specified criteria relevant to each benefit.

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Please download our 2024 MISA Benefit Brochure 
Labour Assistance

Unfair Labour Practices | Dismissals | Retrenchments.
We provide professional advice and representation at Conciliation
, Arbitration, Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court, where required, at no additional cost to members. We also assist members with disputes on Collective Agreement contraventions by their employers, disciplinary hearings and grievance processes. 100% of all amounts obtained through settlement negotiations and/or awards are paid to the respective member(s). As a MISA member, help is a phone call away. Contact our Legal Department on (011) 476 3920 for assistance. Conditions may apply in some instances.
Nedbank Private Wealth Retirement Option

Making adequate provision for retirement should be a priority for all members. Nedbank Private Wealth, a high-end private bank which is part of the Nedbank Group, has developed an exclusive solution for MISA members. The normal minimum investment amount is R1 000 000, but MISA members are given the opportunity to invest from R500 000. While this investment opportunity is aimed at MISA members who are 55 and older, those members who are not yet 55, but who are prepared to invest the minimum amount, will also qualify. For more information, contact Deon Goosen 010 221 5819 or Paul Retief 010 221 5821 at Nedbank Private Wealth.
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Collective Bargaining

Members enjoy the focused approach of a well-versed collective bargaining team representing members’ interests in the bargaining team representing our members dealing with wages and conditions of employment. MISA is party to MIBCO and represents its members on all forums within the structures, both on a regional and national level.

This Benefit is not available to Affiliate members.

Domestic Workers: Service Contracts

MISA can prepare a service contract, setting out the terms and conditions of employment in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997, for your domestic worker at no additional cost.
Legal WhatsApp & SMS

The Legal Department is contactable via the following methods; telephone 011 476 3920, email or WhatsApp 071 880 9682 (text message only. No WhatsApp calls will be accepted.)
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Contingency Reserve Fund

This Fund is administered by MIBCO and provides financial support to members regarding Outstanding Retirement Contributions, Outstanding Salary, Additional Holiday Pay (AHP), Leave Pay & Notice Pay in the event of the liquidation of their employers’ businesses.
This Benefit is not available to Affiliate members.
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Excellent Communication

As a MISA member, you will also receive MISA Newsflashes, emails, general correspondence and the MISA eDATA, a free monthly electronic newsletter, to keep you informed of all the latest developments in the world of work.
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New Extended Family Cover Benefit

In addition to your existing MISA Benefit & Funeral Fund, Gold & Silver Members can now apply for additional Funeral for extended family members. This Benefit is available to all MISA members on the Gold Option, and up to 2 000 members on the Silver Membership Option. Members on the Gold Option may register up to 6 Family Members, while Silver Members can register up to 3 Family Members. Claims are subject to 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions, and 104 weeks’ consecutive contributions in the event of suicide.
Healthy MISA Member Benefit

MISA will pay an amount of R3000 per member per annum to 500 eligible MISA members who were off sick from work for a period of two days or less from 1 January to 31 December, and who attended at least one medical examination or participated in at least one wellness campaign during the year.
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Healthy MISA Women Benefit

MISA will pay an amount of R3000 (per female member) per annum to 500 eligible female members who attended to their health by doing a mammogram or pap smear during 1 January to 31 December.
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MISA Death and Funeral Benefit

All active MISA members and dependants, as stipulated in the Fund Rules, qualify for this funeral benefit, subject to 4 weeks’ contributions. *Children over the age of 18 who are registered as full-time students or who are physically and/or mentally disabled from R 10 000.

Subject to 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions, all active MISA members will automatically qualify for this death benefit. In the event of suicide, 104 weeks’ contributions must have been received. Payments are made directly to the nominated beneficiary upon the death of a member and the benefits do not become assets in the deceased person’s estate.
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MISA Ill-Health/Disability Benefit

MISA Ill-Health/Disability Benefit to the value of R3 000 is payable subject to a total of 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions. Application must be made within 13 weeks from date of approval by the Retirement Fund.
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MISA Loyalty Benefit

The MISA Loyalty benefit annually offers 3 500 members R750.00 as an incentive, for maintaining their MISA membership. Subject to 104 consecutive weeks’ contributions as at 31 December annually. Claims can only be submitted from 1 January to 31 March.
MISA Maternity Benefit

A maternity benefit to the value of R3 000 is payable subject to a total of 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions. Application must be made within 17 weeks from date of birth.
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MISA Retrenchment Benefit

A retrenchment benefit to the value of R3 000 is payable subject to a total of 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions. Application must be made within 13 weeks from date of retrenchment.
Paternity Benefit

A paternity benefit to the value of R1 000 is available to 1 000 members annually, subject to a total of 26 weeks’ consecutive contributions. Application must be made within 17 weeks from date of birth.

*Please note that claims will be actioned on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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MISA School Support Benefit

Available to 1 000 eligible MISA Members whom have enrolled a child in grade 10, 11 or 12.
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SAF Benefit

As from 1 January 2018, all employees at RMI establishments belonging to the Sick, Accident and Maternity Pay Fund (SAF) qualify for additional death and funeral benefits.  In order to qualify for these additional benefits, all employees belonging to SAF, who have not already done so, need to complete the SAF Employee Benefit Fund Registration Form. As from 1 January 2021, the funeral and death benefit for MISA members belonging to SAF increased from R87 000 to R90 000 (i.e. main member-only benefit). Please take note, non-MISA members (NUMSA and non-union) can belong to SAF voluntarily and qualify for reduced death and funeral benefits.  In order to qualify for these benefits, all such employees belonging to the SAF Pay Fund also need to complete the SAF Employee Benefit Fund Registration Form. Non-MISA members belonging to SAF at RMI establishments’ Death and Funeral Benefit for the main member is R30 000 as from 1 January 2020.
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