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Mike Bolhuis will find Jaco Swart free of charge

10 December 2022

Mike Bolhuis will find Jaco Swart free of charge

Mike Bolhuis will find Jaco Swart so that his wife, Nicoleen, can finalise their divorce.

“I believe that it is only fair that she has the opportunity to turn the page, which she won’t be able to do as long as their divorce is pending”, says Bolhuis.

Swart vanished after CCTV camera footage of his assaults on his wife went viral. The images were released on the internet after he pleaded guilty to assault in the Pretoria-North Magistrates Court.

“The purpose is not to hunt Swart down, but to allow him to do the right thing. Currently he is in hiding because everyone is threatening to assault him if they find him. He won’t come forward, no one will employ him and he won’t be able to pay maintenance.

Swart got away with a mere fine of R20 000 and a suspended sentence for the brutal attacks against his petite wife.

Bolhuis says he will also assist Nicoleen, #MISA’s face of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender-Based Violence, to finalise her divorce, free of charge.

“If he co-operates with Specialised Security Services, I will be prepared to protect him and help him to get his life back on track to enable him to earn a living and contribute to the maintenance of his sons. That is the only way he can rehabilitate and make amends,” says Bolhuis.

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