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Upskilling of workers is essential in a shrinking economy and job market where 63,9% of workers between the ages of 15-24 remain unemployed.


MISA believes in investing and developing the future leaders of the retail motor industry.


Martlé Keyter, Chief Executive Officer: Operations, says this is why the Union established a Young Workers’ Forum within the retail motor sector during 2013 for members and potential members within the ages of 18 – 35.


The Young Workers’ Forum aims to support the involvement of young people in their workplace and community, helping to empower them by reaching out, responding to their expectations and ideas while fostering useful and long lasting skills through education and training.


The International Labour Organization speaks of building a “better normal” in the post-Covid-19 world of work through its guide on how trade unions can engage more effectively in skills development policies and practices. This “better normal” should focus on skills development and lifelong learning as technological advances become more influential in the transformation of the workplace.


“Unemployment remains the most pressing labour issue in South Africa and it is time that trade unions, employees and employers take responsibility to address the trajectory.


“The Young Workers’ Forum emphasizes on skills development and worker empowerment, boosting the morale and work ethic of the average employee by holding them to higher standards of excellence,” says Keyter.


The primary objectives of the Young Workers’ Forum, among others are:

  • To assist youth in capacity development for the transition to adulthood;

  • To assist youth with the development of leadership and management skills;

  • To increase young workers’ economic and financial independence and decision making;

  • To address issues relating to youth, such as youth unemployment, entering the world of work and development of young workers;

  • To address issues on access to education and training;

  • To assist youth to live above the expectations of society;

  • To motivate civic engagement, democratic participation and social innovation and responsibility.


MISA also supports young workers within the retail motor industry through a variety of skills development and training initiatives intended to help them successfully navigate workplace challenges.


For more information on the MISA Young Workers’ Forum, Soft Skills training and Study Assistance benefits, please contact MISA on 011 476 3920 or

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