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Mar 15, 2023
National Shutdown

MISA, the Motor Industry Staff Association, would like to warn its more than 58 000 members not to participate in the planned national shutdown on 20 March 2023 arranged by the South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu).

MISA is not affiliated to Saftu. This means that the Section 77 certificate Saftu obtained in terms of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) will not protect the MISA members who want to participate in the shutdown for whatever reason.

“The Section 77 certificate will also not protect any MISA member who wants to support any political party participating in the national shutdown. This certificate only protects Saftu members who wants to protest to promote or defend socio-economic interests of workers,” Keyter explained.

MISA does not support the national shutdown amidst the ongoing strike by members of the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union (Nehawu) in the public health services.

“South Africa’s trade unions have been on the forefront of the fight for the protection of jobs, improved wages and working conditions, regulated by legislation, that workers enjoy today. It surely is the lowest point in global trade union history when newspaper editors ask that Nehawu leadership should be charged with murder because it is alleged that several lives were lost due to the actions of union members.

“These are not normal workers. Their jobs were declared essential services, two decades ago, because they provide a daily services essential to preserving life, health, public safety and basic societal functioning to all South Africans.

“What has happened is even more horrific because these health care workers took an oath to serve humanity and to practise their profession with conscience and with dignity, while always putting the health of patients first,” says Keyter.

According to Keyter the retail motor industry is currently feeling the devastating impact of loadshedding and MISA’s Legal Department are working 24/7 to save the jobs of members whose Employers are struggling to survive.

“MISA does not agree with the timing of the national shutdown and don’t believe it will help workers to sacrifice a day’s salary. It can only weaken the Rand, put more strain on the economy, leading to more unemployment,” says Keyter.

MISA’s offices will be open for business on 20 March 2023, but contingency plans are in place if the safety of the Union’s employees are compromised.

Issued on behalf of MISA by Sonja Carstens, Media, Liaison and Communication Specialist.

For MISA Press Releases, phone Carstens on 082 463 6806 or email


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