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6 July 2022

A thousand more members decided to join #MISA, the Motor Industry Staff Association, over the past six weeks.

The Union continues to be one of the fastest growing trade unions in South Africa, while rival unions in the retail motor industry and other industries are struggling with the global trend of declining membership in trade unions.

The statistics of the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO) confirms #MISA’s growth.

Martlé Keyter, #MISA’s Chief Executive Officer: Operations, says this is a very proud day for her and Hermann Köstens, #MISA’s Chief Executive Officer: Strategy and Development, who jointly took over the reign of the Union in 2013.

Back then #MISA’s membership was 27 000. In May 2022 the membership grew to just over 54 000. This astonishing growth comes despite the loss of 3 000 retrenched members due to the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry.

“This is a great day and a proud moment for #MISA, all our staff and office bearers, but most important, our valued members without whom there would not be a Union. I am extremely grateful.

“#MISA realised long ago that this Union must add value to its members, empower women and the youth, grow and build our industry to sustain jobs, help individuals to achieve their dreams and to create more jobs for our future,” says Keyter.

#MISA established its name as being dynamic and unique with a focused approach to provide a variety of financial benefits at a reasonable contribution. From 2022, #MISA members can choose between three options that determine what financial benefits they can afford.

The Union also continues to excel in the traditional role of trade unions, providing its members with a well-versed negotiating team to conduct collective bargaining at the Motor Industry Bargaining Council (MIBCO)”.

“The labour experts of #MISA’s Legal Department have built a reputation in the industry for their professionalism and ethos when representing members in the resolution of labour disputes,” says Keyter.

#MISA’s latest milestone comes at the start of celebrations, bringing tribute and honouring the legacy of Nelson Mandela on 18 July, International Nelson Mandela Day.

“Madiba repeatedly said education is the key to growth and the elevation of poverty to create a better life for all South Africans. #MISA plays a vital role to make good to these words in our industry by providing our members and their children with opportunities to apply for bursaries and soft skills training to empower them to grow in their careers though the Union’s Training Department,” says Keyter.

Keyter founded the #MISA Women’s Forum in 2009 to raise general awareness and to increase the understanding of gender equality issues in the “world of work”. Through #MISA, women invest in skills, knowledge and lifelong learning.

#MISA established the Young Workers’ Forum in 2013 to support the involvement of young workers in the workplace and their communities, to empower them and to respond to their expectations.

Issued on behalf of #MISA by Sonja Carstens, Media, Liaison and Communication Specialist.


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