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5 July 2023
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MISA members cannot afford to go without pay

MISA, the Motor Industry Staff Association, shares the demands of Cosatu over the dire state of our economy and Government failure to address numerous issues, but don't believe a strike will help.


"Workers have been bearing the brunt of the devastating impact of load shedding on our economy, skyrocketing food inflation and other rapid increases in cost-of-living expenses.


"In the retail motor industry, our members feel the devastation of the consumer in their pockets. Vehicle sales are declining. Clients without vehicle service plans will rather wait before they service a vehicle or replace tyres. This has a direct impact on the job security of our members," says Martlé Keyter, MISA's Chief Executive Officer: Operations.

Although MISA shares the sentiments of Cosatu, the Union don't encourage its members to join the strike.


"It is only those workers who embark on the strike and sacrifice the day's pay, that will suffer. The rule of no work, no pay, will apply. The broader public will be inconvenienced and irritated, but the strike will have no impact on Government.


"MISA believes we must bring solutions to the table and participate in the changes we want to see. In the current economic climate strike actions are not just punishing the employers against whom it is aimed at however, it is harming workers and the economy in general even more," says Keyter.


Issued on behalf of MISA by Sonja Carstens, MISA’s Media, Liaison and Communication Specialist.


For MISA Press Releases, phone Carstens on 082 463 6806 or email

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