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16 November 2022

MISA is honoured, proud and grateful to announce that the Union’s work to eliminate workplace violence and harassment in the retail motor industry in South Africa and in our communities was included in the International Trade Union Confederation’s (ITUC) Global Report.


The elimination of violence and harassment to ensure the provision of safe workplaces for all has been a personal quest of Martlé Keyter, MISA’s Chief Executive Officer: Operations, since she started her journey at the Union in 1994.


“I was a law student when I decided to do everything within my means to eliminate all forms of violence, harassment and abuse. That will be my legacy. I am very grateful and humbled by the global recognition MISA and Fedusa received. MISA is affiliated to Fedusa, a non-political trade union federation,” says Keyter.

She is quoted in the ITUC Report titled: Workers unite for the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment: RatifityC190.


“We will not eliminate violence in the world of work if we don’t take the lead to fully implement C190 and use the standards in collective bargaining. As women and union leaders, we must stand firm and demand implementation in all workplaces. We have the support from men for our cause to ensure that workplaces will become free from violence and harassment,” reads one of the references to Keyter in the report.


Keyter and Thandeka Phiri, MISA’s National Training and Human Resources Manager, are attending the 4th ITUC World Women’s Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


Keyter wears many hats. She is the President of MIBCO (Motor Industry Bargaining Council), the Vice-President of Fedusa and serves on the Boards of MIRF (Motor Industry Retirement Fund) and the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund).


On the 8th of August 2021, MISA made history when it launched of the Industry Equality and Diversity Forum (IEDF), to better equip the motor industry for these challenges.


On 29 November 2021, South Africa was the tenth member State of the International Labour Organisation to ratify C190.


In March 2022, South Africa officially introduced a new code on the prevention and elimination of harassment in the workplace, which seeks to address the elimination and prevention of all forms of harassment that pervade the workplace.



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