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25 November 2022

For the past 28 years Martlé Keyter, MISA’s Chief Executive Officer: Operations, has been striving to eliminate gender-based violence and harassment wherever she goes. 

This year Keyter ensured that #MISA takes the global 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign to a next level after #MISA member Nicoleen Swart agreed to be the MISA Face Against GBV for 2022.

This petite Personal Assistant from KwaZulu-Natal grabbed the attention of millions of people, locally and abroad, when the brutal and shocking attacks captured on CCTV went viral after her husband, Jaco Swart, pleaded guilty to charges of assault. She has been speaking up about her ordeal since.


Keyter also secured the song, “Enough is Enough”, that will be used as the theme song of MISA’s campaign aimed at raising awareness by educating the public at large with practical step-by-step artile’s to guide victims through the GBV process.

This year MISA wants to ensure that the management teams of schools are educated and empowered to assist teachers who are legally obligated to report any form of sexual abuse and harassment in schools.

Keyter says her quest against GBV started when studying criminology as one of the subjects for her law degree. “I saw the most horrific photos of abused women and children. It was very disturbing and I was moved to make a difference.”

“As the mother of three children and a grandmother of two little ones, I want them to grow up in a society that is free of GBV. Currently such a society does not exist anywhere in the world.”

Working in the MISA structures since 1994 gave Keyter the opportunity, and in 2009 she established the MISA Women’s Forum. The Forum’s main objectives are to raise general awareness and to increase the understanding of gender equality issues, empower women on various levels and strengthen the work of established non-profit organisations.

“I am grateful that MISA gave me the opportunity to use my influence to make a difference. I am very proud of what MISA managed to achieve. The Union is setting the trend for trade unions in South Africa and specifically for the male dominated retail motor industry.”

“MISA cannot be an observer. You have to lead by example and start somewhere. I believe no one, irrespective of gender, should suffer from any form of physical, financial or emotional abuse. We need to take hands and break the circle.”

Keyter invites everyone to share MISA’s upcoming articles and posts for the duration of the 16 days campaign that will run from today until 10 December 2022.

MISA members will run, walk, hike or engage in bike rides wherever they can to raise awareness. Please share your daily photos and kilometres with the Union by sending a WhatsApp to 082 463 6806.

This will be included in MISA’s plea to the Department of Basic Education to empower teachers on ground level with education and training to #SpeakUp.


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